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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought it would be a good idea to share my background and how I got to where I am today.

I attended Illinois State University majoring in applied computer science (systems development) with a minor in communication. Having attended a high school where I was surrounded by Deaf peers who could sign, attending a huge college where I was one of very few Deaf people, it was a challenging experience. Even though I had American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, it wasn’t the same as having direct communication. Even so, working in groups with hearing classmates worked well, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Despite what I thought was an impressive resume, most IT companies didn’t feel comfortable hiring me because I was Deaf, and they (mistakenly) believed that hiring an ASL interpreter would be costly. This helped inspire my activism in ensuring companies and organizations adhered to current disability laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is a passion I hold near to my heart, especially for Deaf individuals who have not been given the same wonderful opportunities I have been.

I then relocated to Arizona, and established a hiking tour company. After seven years, minimal staffing, and great demand, I decided it was time to sell my company to a sister company, and begin a new chapter in my life. And that’s how Referrals by Robb, LLC, came to exist. I also work with Uber and Lyft, and have found them to be wonderful employment sources for Deaf individuals.

My ever-faithful companion is Patches, a Deaf dog who accompanies me everywhere I go. With Patches by my side, I look forward to creating a portal of rich resources and information that Deaf people can tap into to learn more about Deaf-owned businesses.

I look forward to learning more about your business!


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