Why Deaf Business Owners Has Increased Even More?

I’m a bit late in posting this blog…but I have a good reason: I just got back from Mexico for my birthday. Much to my delight, the rain stopped when I arrived there, and I had a blast with my friends! I’ve shared some photographs.

In my last blog, I mentioned that I would write about why Deaf businesses have grown in recent years. But I realized I had too many unresolved feelings and struggles to write about this. As you may remember, I owned a business that wasn’t as successful as I had hoped because of external circumstances. Through that process, I realized that a major reason many Deaf people launch their own businesses is because of discrimination; rather than struggling with employment, they decide to establish their own businesses. But that’s a topic for another time; in the meantime, I’d like to write about something more positive.

There’s some changes with my relatively new business, Referrals By Robb. I’ve updated my company’s slogan from “A Deaf Business Network in One Place” to “● Join ● Promote ● Shop” 

Join. If you’d like to join Lyft or Uber as a driver, you can enjoy your own schedule, earning money to make your piggy bank grow, and get discounts as a rider. As a Lyft and Uber driver, I can confirm that they’re great companies to work for! You can sign up via my link on the “Drive or Ride” page

Another way you can join is becoming an Amazon Associate and/or eBay Affiliate, and start selling and earning just like I do!

Promote. Are you a Deaf or Hard of Hearing business owner? You can promote your business on my Business Directory page at no cost! Fill out the following form and wait for approval just a few days away. 

Shop. If you prefer to shop without becoming part of any program, shop on Amazon or eBay and help me earn points. I’d be happy to share recommendations on various products. Thank you for your support! 

The purpose of Referrals By Robb is to help anyone who wishes to join, promote, or shop and help support the Deaf business owner community!

I’m so happy as a Deaf, self-employed person, especially being my own boss. Thank you once again for your support. A bit early, but Happy Patrick’s Day — I particularly like the name “Patrick” (it’s my last name!), so it’s a great holiday for me. Don’t forget to grab a Green Shamrock shake or even a green beer! 



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